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Partners and Sponsorships

We are committed to continuously supporting our community through partnerships, sponsorships and donations.

We believe in people and communities. This leads us to support their needs and interests. We aim to build genuine connections so that we can continue to help to grow vibrant and sustainable communities. We support all communities in which we operate, with a focus on activities that build social and economic wellbeing both now and in the future.

Franchise Council of Australia (FCA)

The FCA has represented the franchise sector in Australia since 1983, providing a broad range of services that ensures a strong and financially viable industry, which is currently worth $131 billion. 

Owning a franchise or supporting a franchise network is a specialised business that requires suppliers with unique capabilities and a solid appreciation of the challenges within the industry. Whirlwind has partnered with the FCA since 2006, the relationship helps maintain our position in the sector as a preferred supplier for franchise businesses and ensures we keep abreast with industry trends and innovation.

To find out more about the FCA, visit:

Good Beginnings

Whirlwind Print has sponsored Good Beginnings for the past 2 years.

Good Beginnings Australia helps vulnerable communities provide the best possible opportunities for families and children through early intervention and practical parenting programs. The free programs range from supported playgroups and literacy programs to fathering initiatives and intensive family support. Good Beginnings have strived to deliver better outcomes for children by advocating for action and positive change since their pilot program 'Neighbour Network' launched in 1988.

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Green Aid

Whirlwind is proud to sponsor this not for profit charity, whose innovative fundraising through selling sterile strips to schools, communities and businesses is helping make life better both locally and abroad. The funds raised are distributed to three key areas; one third is invested in the manufacture of the strips and running the program, one third is directed to local projects nominated by the school or club and the last third is delivered to Green Aid's local, national and international projects.

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2016 Create Design Awards

The Print Creative category is proudly sponsored by Whirlwind Print in this years awards.

2015 is the 11th year that Desktop Magazine has been celebrating and recognising Australia's world class creative industry. A panel of respected industry figures awards exceptional talent in an array of creative fields, including: Emerging Talent, Identity & Branding, Illustration, Interactive, Motion, Packaging, Website, Photography, Print Commercial, Print Creative, Signage & Display, Typography, Logotype & Type Design and Project of the Year.

The winners are announced with much fanfare at the annual awards ceremony in November, find out more here:

Whirlwind Print are proud to sponsor Toy to the World Project - unique toy design project to fight HIV.

Toy to the World is a fundraising and charity art event involving a custom toy design competition that provides both the opportunity for public to witness art creation happening live and the chance for artists to exhibit works while contributing their creations to help raising funds to go toward HIV research in the hopes of improving the lives of those affected by it.

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