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Grab 'em while they're hot.

We're excited to announce our newest collateral addition is here: The Business Card Sampler!

To showcase how we deliver on the largest business card range for you and your clients, we've created this new pack containing:

  • All standard, speciality, enviromental and premium stocks

  • Samples of all laminate and embellishments

  • Every round corner template (which are free online)

  • plus samples of our complete standard sizes range

A super handy tool to show you or your clients real stock examples, including sizes, round corners, stocks, finishes to assist making an educated decision on what will be best for the finished business card product.

To request one, simply contact your Account Manager on 1300 129 227 or use the contact us form.

And don't forget when you order business cards with us, simply include your custom size requirements into the quote, with no additional charges.* Let's keep it simple :)

Happy printing!

*Our business card custom size should fall between min 35x55mm to max 60x90mm measurements.

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