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UV offset print

Offset print

Digital print

Offset print:

Our offset print schedule provides clients with the fastest and most cost effective means to print quality products from 250 to over 100,000. We have invested in industry leading machines, with both traditional offset and UV print for faster drying, turnaround times and a broader range of stocks. Our presses run B1 sheets and are capable of printing over 28,000 sheets per hour, perfecting.

In addition to speed and capacity, the quality of our print is of the upmost importance at Whirlwind. We produce print with second-to-none colour, clarity and sharpness, printing at resolutions up to 300lpi.


Digital print:

Whirlwinds’ digital offering of both HP Indigo and Fuji Xerox iGen gives us the flexibility to print and deliver a huge stock range with a super fast turn around. Our digital machines are capable of printing over 3,500 sheets per hour perfecting, and can print at resolutions up to 2400dpi.

Our investment in digital also allows us to run some out of the ordinary stocks and substrates. We can print up to 380gsm, on anything from black board to white plastic. A selection of specialty stocks have been indented, so our clients can experiment with different substrates at competitive prices. Browse our stock selection to learn more about our specialty offering.

Print Finishing:

Another of Whirlwind’s strengths is our significant in house finishing capabilities, which enables us to apply our stringent quality controls to your entire job whilst offering swift turnaround times. Folding, stitching, PUR binding, laminating and forme cutting are just some of the finishing options we turnaround in house. Read more about our complete finishing solutions here.

Skilled personnel:

The Whirlwind team is crucial to the ongoing performance of our offset and digital machines. Our printers are highly skilled and extensively trained operators. Whirlwind is committed to continuous improvement in all facets of our business, which includes ensuring our printers receive ongoing training. We have even sent staff overseas to be exclusively trained by the manufacturers of our machines.

Quality assurance: 

Once your work has been produced, it must pass our Quality Assurance (QA) procedure. We believe quality is part of our culture. Our proactive approach enables us to pick up on any anomalies early and make immediate improvements to our manufacturing processes where necessary.

We undertake daily monitoring of our performance in all areas of manufacturing and can proudly share the following statistics:

Delivery in full on time: Over 99%

Updated 25/10/16.