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2D Super Gloss

3D Super Gloss

Gold foil

Silver foil

Rose gold foil

Red foil

Due to an upgrade on our MGI JETvarnishour Super Gloss 2D products will take 3 days to produce during the week of April 16.

Bring your designs to life with our Super Gloss and Foils

You can now Digitally embellish your business cards, promo cards,

posters (up to A1), presentation folders and packaging, from digital or offset printed work, with our new MGI JETvarnish 3D Evolution.

Why you'll love our new finishes:

  • Better quality
  • Greater UV shine
  • Premium digital foils
  • Enhanced precision and definition
  • Leading edge technology

Super Gloss UV

Taking print to the next level, 2D &3D Super Gloss UV. 

Use Super Gloss on your designs to turn your print into a tactile, engaging piece by highlighting and defining images, creating subtle patterns and accentuating fine text.

2D Super Gloss UV is our improved Spot UV, 3D Super Gloss is raises the gloss off the page even more! 2D Super Gloss UV is 21μm and the 3D is an impressive 116μm.

Super Gloss your business cards, posters, presentation folders and more.


Giving your more foil colours; gold, silver, rose gold & red.

Create high-end print, using gold, silver, rose gold and red foils. Foil selected areas of an image, lines, patterns and text.

Foil creates a luxurious feel and attracts the eye by creating movement.

Foil your business cards, posters,  presentation folders and more.

For the ultimate finish combine Super Gloss and Foil in your designs.

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MGI specifications

Australia's first JETvarnish 3D Evolution, B1+ scalable sheet-fed digital enhancement press and features a modular and field upgradeable architecture, digital foiling and an upgradeable inkjet expansion system with three available substrate size options.

The B1+ size (75x120cm) format option is designed to give printers the ability to run fully personalised short, medium and long runs in a cost-efficient and die-less manner for multiple applications. Every piece finished on all of MGI’s JETvarnish 3D systems can be an exclusive blend of digitally-embellished images, text, data and brand designs using spot varnish, 3D raised varnish and digitally embossed foil in one pass.

The JETvarnish 3D Evolution is a high-production solution that incorporates pallet stacking, automated inkjet head cleaning, new automatic feeding system as well as a new artificial intelligence-based sheet registration system. Depending on the file and the substrate used, the coating thickness can vary from a traditional flat spot UV coating of three microns (μm) up to 200 μm for 3D raised texture effects and a tactile finish. Automatic registration using a built-in scanner for real-time management of entire sheet, which means no registration marks are required.

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Happy printing!

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