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Colour Management

We deliver colour excellence.

ISO Compliant Colour Print Services

Colour optimisation and colour accuracy are key elements in successful and consistent branding. Colour can impact visual appeal, brand awareness, and even brand credibility, so it is important to get it right the first time.

Our printing services utilise a range of precision colour technologies, including compliance to the ISO 12647-2:2004 system certified to international standards, designed to enhance colour consistency and improve colour quality. We take pride in our industry-leading offset printing systems, and our clients benefit from our commitment to producing consistently excellent colour.

Proofing Options

Proofing is an integral part of our service, and our pre-press team is always on hand to ensure colour consistency. Our team members are passionate about colour accuracy and we work hard on colour precision and consistency. Our goal is to deliver deep, rich, and vibrant colours that our clients will be passionate about.

Choose from a range of proofing servicess for all print jobs:

  • Soft proofing:
    • You will be provided with a PDF or Smart Review electronic proof for online approval.
  • Hard proofing:
    • You will receive an indicative Epson digital proof to show colour representation of your supplied artwork file/s.
  • Colour matching:
    • For your precision jobs - access a combination of Epson digital proof and on site press check to ensure exact colour matches.

 Whirlwind is here to help you achieve perfect colour on your first attempt, every time.