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Examine and feel the range of uncoated, environmental and coated stock, as well as a selection of specialty papers, boards and substrates

Get your hands on a tantalising range of 36 stock samples.

We've included economical, catalogue and premium choices. We're confident you will find the stock you've been looking for – all packed into a handy wallet. 

Stocks in the same category display the same image, so you're able to compare the colour and image reproduction.

Icons will help you make an infomed decision based on whether you would like your job to be printed on our offset or digital machines or, if you need the fastest turn around time or the most cost effective option. A key card is included, which will help you identify the characteristics of each stock.


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Find out about our fastest and most cost effective stocks:

A list of next day dispatch stocks can be viewed here.

Cost effective options are stocks printed on our schedule, download here.

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