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Hand glued presentation folders

Hand glued presentation folders provide extra rigidity and allow you to include compartments within your folder. These folders are ideal if you have a lot of documents, or want to include bulky items, such as booklets.

  • #PF8 Presentation Folder 8

    Fits 48 pp booklet / 24 leaves, holds 90 x 55 BC

  • #PF9 Presentation Folder 9

    Fits 68pp booklet or 34 leaves, holds 55 x up to 140 BC

  • #PF10 Presentation Folder 10

    Fits 10 leaves, holds 45 x 90 BC

  • #PF12 Presentation Folder 12

    Fits 48pp booklet (with 310 gsm cover) or 24 leaves, holds 55 x 90 BC

  • #PF15 Presentation Folder 15

    CD folder, no gusset


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